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Aihya Refurbishment
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Aihya Refurbishment
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who are we

We contribute to preserving the environment from electronic and digital waste such as televisions, desktop and laptop computers and their accessories, mobile phones, tablets, household appliances and other electrical and digital devices, by bringing them back to life and extending their lifespan, and returning them as new and usable for a longer period of time. Where we intervene at the right time before the devices turn into worthless waste, so that members of society can benefit from them, in a less polluted and more benevolent environment.

Aihya Refurbishment

Our goals

Rehabilitate devices with high quality specifications and bring them back to life in a way that satisfies users of society and institutions.



The humanitarian and charitable goal is to distribute fifty thousand devices in 2022 on the occasion of the fiftieth year of the UAE as humanitarian aid to individuals and needy families



Planting a charitable endowment with fifty thousand trees in the fiftieth year of the United Arab Emirates.

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Completion rate

Of the rehabilitated equipment and charitable endowment trees

Our vision

Reviving devices to make people happy

Our message

Establishing a charitable economic system in the field of reviving digital and electronic devices in accordance with the best international practices and with the participation of institutions and members of society.

Our values

Reviving digital grace

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sincerity of intention

Aihya Refurbishment

How we work


Equipment assembly




Operation Test


erase data


Separation of device parts


Reassemble the device


Redownload software



Our services
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Maintenance of digital and electronic devices

Maintenance of desktop, laptop and tablet computers, electronic devices and equipment, imaging, copying and printing devices and equipment of all kinds and sizes, central servers (servers and networks), accessories and medical devices as well.
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Digital Museum Visit Service

A computer history museum at the center’s headquarters and receives delegations from individuals and educational, governmental and private institutions to learn about the origin and development of computers and digital devices
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Computer lab construction service

Within the package of services, the center provides an integrated service for installing training rooms in educational institutions, civil society organizations, civil and charitable bodies, with all the needs of technical devices and equipment that can be used for the purpose of training.
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Microsoft original software provisioning service

Due to our accreditation as a rehabilitation and revival center for devices from Microsoft, we provide, in coordination with Microsoft, all the original software necessary to operate the devices for free or at nominal prices in coordination with charitable organizations.
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Delivery service of rehabilitated digital devices to charitable organizations

We provide the service of receiving digital and electrical devices, computers and their unwanted accessories from members of society and institutions of the public and private sectors, by the center's cars or in cooperation with private transport companies, and reconnecting them after being rehabilitated to the beneficiaries in coordination with the licensed and approved charitable institutions in the state.
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Direct and periodic maintenance services for digital devices and equipment

The center provides maintenance services for electronic and digital devices, equipment and machines; The immediate and periodic for individuals and institutions of the governmental and private sector through a qualified, certified technical staff with high skills, and according to international ISO standards.
What sets us apart

Microsoft Accreditation

The first center to receive Microsoft accreditation in the field of Microsoft AUTHORIZED Refurbisher.


original software

The first center to provide original software on all rehabilitated devices.


Data erasures

The first center to organize data erasing operations from hard disks "KILLDISK" according to international specifications and the best information security standards, DoD 5220.22-M Standard and NIST 888-88


Circular Economy Concepts

One of the first companies to build on the concepts of circular economy in society to improve the environment.


Serve people and society

More than fifty percent of the company's activities are directed to serving people and society.

projects and initiatives
Aihya Refurbishment

Aihya Refurbishment

The idea of ​​"Aihya Refurbishment" is based on reviving all used and old devices or new devices that are no longer needed, which are found in every home, institution and company, and are often disposed of as digital waste. By giving time, effort and experience, we bring those lives back to life. The devices using the best concepts of maintenance and rehabilitation, so that these devices start a new life cycle that contribute to the happiness of many groups of members of society, and this is the main objective of the "Revival of Digital Blessing" initiative.

Fifty thousand fruitful trees initiative

Fifty thousand fruitful trees initiative

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Project to distribute fifty thousand digital devices

Project to distribute fifty thousand digital devices

The initiative aims to distribute fifty thousand digital devices until the fiftieth year of the UAE to support orphans, disadvantaged groups and humanitarian works in the UAE

Museum of the History of Computers and Digital Equipment Project

Museum of the History of Computers and Digital Equipment Project

The project aims to establish a computer history museum at the center’s headquarters and receive delegations from individuals and educational, governmental and private institutions to get acquainted with it and the center’s services and objectives, to enhance the values ​​of our many services that we provide towards each of our partners from community members, donors and charities in the field of reviving digital devices and maintain environmental sustainability

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